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Konstantinos Kouskoukis


Professor of Dermatology – Lawyer President of Hellenic Academy for Thermal Medicine, President of World Academy of Chinese & Complementary Medicine & Hellenic Health Tourism Association, V.President of Global Hippocratic Doctor’s Institute f.Gen. Secretary – Ministry of National Education, V. Rector DUTH


Konstantinos Ε. Kouskoukis is a distinguished Professor of Dermatology and a Lawyer. He graduated from the Medical Military Faculty and the Law Faculty of Aristotle University. He has served as a Professor of Dermatology at Demokritos University and New York University, as well as a Professor of Aesthetic Medicine at Camerino University. Additionally, he has held teaching positions in Higher Education Faculty for Nursing Officers, National Faculty for Public Administration, and Aristotle University, where he also served as an Associate Professor.

Prof. Kouskoukis has been actively involved in academic and administrative roles, including serving as the Vice Rector of Demokritos University and the General Secretary of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. He has also been a parliamentary candidate for New Democracy in the 2nd Region of Athens.

Beyond his academic and administrative contributions, Professor Kouskoukis has made significant achievements in various professional organizations. He is the President of the Hellenic Academy for Thermal Medicine, the World Academy for Chinese and Complementary Medicine, and the Hellenic Health Tourism Association. He holds the position of Vice President in the Global Hippocratic Doctor’s Institute and the Greece-China Foundation. He is also involved in numerous committees and societies related to dermatology, tourism, complementary medicine, and education.

Prof. Kouskoukis is a prolific author, having written eight books on topics ranging from thermal medicine and complementary therapies to dermatology, nail diseases, dermatological oncology, medical aesthetics, homeopathic medicine, and AIDS.

His expertise and dedication have been recognized through various honorary positions and memberships. He is an Honorary President of the Medical Aesthetic Society, the Hellenic Hippocratic Homeopathic Medicine, and the Antiaging Society. He is also an Honorary Member of the New York Anticancer Dermatological Institute and the Union of Journalists in Greece.

Prof. Kouskoukis has served as a scientific consultant to esteemed organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), and the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (C.U.G.M.). He is an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences and has contributed to various journals as an editor or board member.

On a personal note, Prof.  Kouskoukis is married to Evangelia Kouskouki-Kalantzi, a Rear Admiral in the Hellenic Navy. They have two accomplished sons: Alexander-Efstratios, a PhD and MSc Biologist, and Marios-Nikolaos, a PhD, MSc, MBA Economist.

Overall, Konstantinos Ε. Kouskoukis is an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions to the fields of dermatology, medicine, law, education, and tourism. His extensive achievements and tireless dedication have earned him a prominent place among the leading experts in his areas of expertise.


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